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    Etnyre Began

    Edward D. Etnyre, 36, invented his first product, an automatic hog waterer for his own farm. The product lead to manufacturing horse and cattle water stock tanks.
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    E.D. Etnyre is Established

    Through steady product improvement, the Thresher Tank and Water Sprinkler Wagon business flourishes and E. D. Etnyre & Co. is formally established. Manufacturing took place in a former battery factory on the bank of the Rock River in Oregon, Illinois. Channon and Co., a Chicago supply house, handled the company’s sales.
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    Expanded into a New Market

    Etnyre established the Motor Car Company and built three “horseless carriages.” Over the next several years, Etnyre produced 10 touring cars with pneumatic tires, four-speed transmissions and overdrive.
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    Launched the Road Oiler

    Etnyre launched the Road Oiler, which gave contractors a way to quickly and evenly spread oil, tar or asphalt across the roadways. The unit included a wheel driven (sprocket and chain) pump and a spray bar for proper product dispersion.
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    Marketed Worldwide

    The Bituminous Distributor and Street Flusher were further improved and marketed worldwide. Etnyre products had earned a reputation for rugged dependability during the war and was quickly becoming the largest Bituminous Distributor manufacturer in the world
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    Launched the Industry’s First Positive Pressure Spray Bar

    Etnyre launched the first spray bar with positive pressure circulation in addition to its pressure-relieving manhole and the spray-bar-mounted nozzle shut-off valve. A new era of surface treatment begins.
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    Asphalt Transport Production Began

    Etnyre began manufacturing big, lightweight over-the-highway Transport Tanks.
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    Received an Award

    Etnyre received the Army-Navy “E” Award, which was presented to companies during World War II for excellence in producing equipment used during the war. Etnyre devoted nearly 100 percent of its capabilities to supplying the Air Force, Army and Navy with Bituminous Distributors.
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    Took the Industry to New Heights

    Etnyre introduced the first dependable constant bar height control, which optimized spray accuracy by maintaining a constant height above the road regardless of the amount of asphalt in the distributor tank.
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    Launched the Hydrostatic Distributor

    Etnyre released its new Hydrostatic Distributor, which set a new standard for speed and accuracy of liquid applications.
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    Significantly Advanced Surface Treating Equipment

    Etnyre began marketing its self-propelled ChipSpreader. Both the ChipSpreader and Hydrostatic Distributor are the first machines to give customers a truly mechanized chip sealing process that was faster and more accurate than traditional methods.
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    Acquired New Products

    Etnyre acquired the Wylie Manufacturing Company of Oklahoma City and the Trac-Machinery Corporation of Nunda, New York. The acquisitions expand its product line to include portable, hot mix asphalt plants, truck-mounted hot patch machines, specialized asphalt and contour pavers as well as the unique Pave-R-Shaver for scarifying and heat-treating old asphalt surfaces.
  • Introduced the First Automatically Adjusted Distributor

    Etnyre introduced the first distributor that automatically adjusts the pump rate when the spray width changes, allowing customers to apply consistent applications of material.
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    Launched Three Industry Firsts

    Etnyre introduced the first hydrostatically propelled ChipSpreader, the first four-wheel drive ChipSpreader, and the first variable width spread hopper to give customers greater flexibility in a variety of applications.
  • Revolutionized an Industry

    Etnyre launched the industry’s first microprocessor-based computerized controls on an asphalt distributor, which gave contractors a more simple and faster way to operate.
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    Purchased a New Product Line

    Etnyre purchased the Lowboy Trailer line from Hyster, which adds a new dimension to its product offerings.
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    Incorporated the Latest Technology

    Etnyre set a new industry standard in computerized controls with its redesigned S2000 Asphalt Distributor. It also upgraded and simplified the ChipSpreader as well as modified and updated the Street Flusher with the latest technology in hydrostatic drives.
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    Introduced Blackhawk Trailers

    The Blackhawk lowboy trailer series brought heightened functionality and versatility to the market and offers customers the highest lifting capacity compared to competitive models.
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    Launched Live Bottom Trailers

    Etnyre introduced its live bottom trailers, which feature some of the fastest unloading times and a variety of custom configurations to suit your requirements and state laws.
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    Celebrated a Milestone

    Etnyre celebrated its 100th anniversary.
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    Introduced New Asphalt Transport Design

    The company launched a new, lightweight asphalt transport design. Each tank is built to customer specifications to hold 6,000 to 14,000 gallons.
  • etnyre-new-live-bottom-e1495216167893.jpg

    Launched New Live Bottom Trailer Design

    Etnyre introduced the new live bottom trailer design, which is the fastest and lightest in the industry. The new design offers contractors optimal payload and unload speeds with its reliable conveyor system.
  • etnyre-big-chipspreader-e1495216194567.jpg

    Began BIG ChipSpreader Production

    The company launched its BIG ChipSpreader for fast and precise chip-sealing applications. The new unit’s four-wheel drive operation and variable width hopper offers contractors fast and complete coverage of the road and shoulder in one pass.
  • etnyre-crude-oil-tank-e1495216251446.jpg

    Introduced New Crude Oil Tank Design

    Etnyre launched a new Crude Oil Tank model. Its double conical design provides contractors optimal load distribution and fast, complete drainage.



Edward D. Etnyre was an inventive, industrious man with a consuming interest in the welfare of his fellow man. He designed and made products for others just as carefully as he would for his own use. This took deep, personal commitment coupled with a depth of customer involvement. He passed that promise down “The Etnyre Road” as our company’s proudest tradition.
Etnyre continues to lead the industry with its legendary commitment to the market. Our products combine more than 100 years of experience with the latest technological advancements to provide customers with top performance and reliability. We take great pride in making excellent equipment that contributes to quality roads worldwide and benefits all the people who travel them.